Manufacturing & processing

During the production of aluminium foam, infrared ovens – a type of powerful “toaster” – are used. Products like aluminium foam sandwiches can be created in particular using the powder metallurgy process. Havel metal foam uses a compacted aluminium powder mixture as “baking powder” with minimal amounts of titanium hydride (TiH2). The mixture is melted and then broken down. The expanding foam forms a metallic bond with aluminium (AAS, aluminium foam sandwich) or steel (SAS, steel aluminium foam sandwich) cover sheets. The final cooling conserves the foam and provide for extreme stability. Common adhesives are therefore completely omitted. Aluminium foam products are consequently 100%-recyclable and reveal amazing technical characteristics. Even the fire safety properties are only restricted by the melting temperature of the metals being used.

All products may be diversely processed afterwards. The cover sheets of aluminium foam sandwiches can be welded, bent and folded using conventional procedures. 15 Drilling, milling or coating products are all possible without any problems.