Automobil construction

Aluminium foam is excellent at absorbing vibrations, blows and hits, which is why it is predestined for usage in rigid and crash-relevant areas.

In particular in automobile construction, aluminium foam can be pioneering for carrying structures from personal vehicles and utility vehicles, because it provides higher deformation work compared to pure steel profiles so that the material is first impaired after a very high degree of deformation.

Application areas

Reinforcing elements in the body area, for example,

  • Foamed bumpers
  • Connecting areas, joints
  • Lateral protection structure
  • Door sills
  • Roof racks, side members, cross members
  • Area elements, for example, roof bows


  • High energy absorption in the event of a crash through plastic deformation
  • Bending and compressing behaviour of steel profiles is improved greatly
  • Weight savings
  • Excellent vibration dampening, for example, motor vibrations
  • Increase in torsional stiffness of the complete body by approx. 10 %
  • Can be recycled

Aluminium foam crash absorber in the luggage net of an Audi Q7 (3D shaped element)

3D shaped element for a shock absorber