Innovative solutions for mechanical engineering

The usage of lightweight construction composites allows for significant weight reduction of the masses being moved in mechanical engineering.

A lower mass and high vibration dampening are of a great advantage for moving components. Smaller drives and a layout of less powers are possible through this.



Through the use of highly dampening lightweight construction composites, the following advantages are possible depending on the concrete usage:

  • Extreme lightweight construction (30 % weight savings compared with pure aluminum)
  • Higher machining accuracy
  • Higher machining speed
  • Longer lifespan

Application areas

  • Tool machines
  • Laser applications
  • Solar module production
  • Electronics production
  • Micro production
  • Packaging machines
  • Wood processing
  • Handling and assembly technology
  • Optics production
  • Edibles technology
  • Pick & place applications

Girders for spools from a textile machine Foam core enclosed by aluminum

Intermediate flange of a gear-cutting machine (with pasted metal foam ring)

Cross gantry of a milling machine