metal foam

Series producer for aluminum foam systems

With our Havel Lite® series, Havel metal foam has specialised in the development and production of aluminum foam and aluminum foam sandwiches – a highly innovative lightweight material.

We have worked together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology to develop unique production technology that uses this modern material on an industrial scale. Innovative lightweight construction solutions can be realised for various sectors using the versatile Havel Lite® range.


Research & Development
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Product solutions
Series production
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Strong lightweight

Aluminum foam is lighter than water and still a stable, metallic material. It is an important material for lightweight constructions in industries and areas where there are high, but cost-effective requirements for the material and at the same time the energy factor should be optimised, for example, through a reduction in weight.

Cellular structures found throughout nature serve as an example. The cellular structure has closed pores, composed of stochastically distributed cavities. They are therefore not similar to a beehive structure, but rather are irregular like corals or bones. These material are very light, yet possess remarkable stiffness and stability properties, which can also be achieved with aluminum foam and result in advantages in different industrial sectors.

Technical equipment

  • Infrared ovens
  • electrically heated continuous furnaces
  • CNC milling systems


  • Aluminum foam sandwiches,
  • foamed components
  • 3D-shaped elements


  • bending
  • welding
  • milling
  • drilling
  • mechanical processing

Series production

Produce aluminum foam technologies in series? With ease! Havel metal foam is the first and only manufacturer to produce four different aluminum foam technologies in series production – even large quantities with reproducible product qualities.


Manufacturing & processing

During the production of aluminum foam, infrared ovens – a type of powerful “toaster” – are used. Products like aluminum foam sandwiches can be created in particular using the powder metallurgy process.


Research & development

The engineers at Havel metal foam develop versatile sample constructions for sectors that would like to use aluminum foam as a new material for special applications.