Railway industry & infrastructure

The potential savings in energy of up to 30 percent compared to pure steel plates is particularly significant in rail transport. Heavy locomotives are made lighter through the sandwich construction. Less weight means less energy needed to move something. This decreases the energy consumption and increases the efficiency. Less fuel consumption also leads to fewer emissions.


  • Shell: self-supporting sandwiches
  • Can be formed/welded
  • Can be repaired
  • Saves space / no frames
  • High crash absorption
  • 18 % weight savings


  • Non-flammable
    (HL3 permit in accordance with EN 45545)

Application areas

  • Floor plates with foamed elements (pipes, heating systems, etc.)
  • Ceiling and wall elements
  • Door systems, chairs, tables
  • Toilet enclosures

  • Ramp entrances for wheelchairs
  • Aluminum foam sandwiches in wheel housings (noise reduction)
  • Freight cars

Can be welded

Diverse joint techniques

Individual shaping

Hood for a fast train

Project study: Frauenhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU, BlueS, KUKA Systems GmbH, MFPA Leipzig GmbH, Voith Engineering Services GmbH Road & Rail.