Revolution in vehicle construction - Underrun protection in lightweight construction

Certified underrun protection device for trucks

The rear underrun protection is required by law in accordance with the StVO (§32b) for motor vehicles, trailers and vehicles with exchangeable load carriers.

The task of the underrun protection is to provide an abutment for the energy-absorbing area of ​​the vehicle body (crumple zone). The energy generated by the collision can thus be dissipated.

Unterfahrschutz und seine Vorteile

Advantages of the underrun protection MF UFS G1

  • Weight of approx. 40 kg including console
  • Weight saving thanks to innovative aluminum foam
  • Space-saving because it is 120x100x2400mm
  • TÜV-certified by NASAI and the SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH
  • Modular construction
  • Easier assembly due to lightweight construction
  • Can be used for many types of vehicles
  • suitable for almost all lamp holders

Construction of the underrun protection device

The new requirements according to UN ECE R58/03 at a rear underrun protection device for trucks and trailers have become a lot stricter in comparison to previous versions. Due to the enormously higher forces , the underrun protection is exposed to, the frame structure itself gets into focus of the new guidelines.

The demand for a construction considering weight and saving space at the same time remains, which makes a rethinking process with regard to construction and design inevitable.

Beyond that the use of diverse materials and their combinations have to be taken into account anew.

We have faced this challenge in collaboration with the Ostermann& Son Limited Company and consequently launched a revolution in the vehicle production by our developed MF UFS G1 in the steel and - foam -hybrid production.

This construction stands out for being lightweight on the one hand and for its modular structure on the other, which enables an adaptation to the peculiar kind of vehicle.

We especially considered the wish of many of our customers, who prefer using their own individual lamp holders.

 Thus all kinds of lamp holders can easily be attached to the system.

The MF UFS G1 has already been certified by the ‘ SGS- TÜV Saar GmbH’ and ‘NSAI TÜV’.

Next to the certified vehicle frames the production of divergent measurements of vehicle frames is individually feasible.

Further technical information, prices and delivery times can be obtained from us on request.