Laser safety tests

For the Havel metal foam, laser protection tests were carried out with the following material: AAS 15-1-1 (aluminum foam sandwich with: 1mm aluminum sheet / 13mm aluminum foam / 1mm aluminum sheet). The tests were carried out according to DIN EN 12254: 2012-04 . The test report includes the following wavelengths and protection levels: 1064nm D AB7 and 10600nm D AB5.

DNV GL certification

The DNV GL certification is necessary to use our products (SAS 15-2-2 to 50-2-2) in shipbuilding. 2 modules are required. Module B and Module D. For module B, we have now received the certificate. This means that our technical documentation is compliant with the relevant standards for the product. Module B requires Module B. Module D contains the documentation of the QMS with auditing of the company. We work on that.

DIN EN ISO 9001 certification

DIN EN ISO 14001 certification

DIN EN ISO 3834-3:2006-03 certification