thin metal foam sandwich panel
metal foam sandwich
metal foam sandwich panel
metal foam sandwich door

3D-sandwiches - Havel Lite®

Havel metal foam can foam complex three-dimensional shapes. Hollow metal components can be foamed to take advantage of metal foam sandwiches. The customer's request is also the main focus of the Havel metal foam for the production of 3D-sandwiches. For this purpose, a drawing part / prototype is produced according to the customer's requirements prior to series production.
The foamed components have excellent damping properties with minimal added weight. In motor vehicles, the crash values are significantly improved. Foaming does not affect either the reparability or the workability of the elements.

Production of 3D-sandwiches made of metal foam

First, the cover layers are brought into shape. These consist of steel, aluminum, copper or stainless steel. Then these workpieces are filled with foam and 3D sandwiches are created. The foaming of profiles and cavities is also possible later with a thickness tolerance of ± 0.3 to ± 0.8 mm.

Areas of application & possibilities

  • curved elements
  • Foaming of cooling tubes and cable ducts
  • Doors for train, subway and automotive
  • Floor tiles
  • Stairs
  • cladding elements
  • All parts are made to customer specifications


  • three-dimensionally producible
  • customized production of drawing parts up to serial production
  • Excellent damping properties with minimal weight supplementation
  • Improvement of crash values in motor vehicles (tested with crash and bollard test)
  • repairable and easily machinable
  • rigid