Ship construction

Hatches, doors, frames and rudders for ships can be manufactured with aluminum foam in the ship construction industry. The foam barely absorbs any water and can be made of alloys that are resistant to seawater. If the ship itself is made of metal foam sandwiches, as is already practised in Finland, more can be transported and the draught lowered with the same energy consumption through the weight reduction of the frame.

Application areas

  • Elements from a ship’s hull
  • Hatches, doors, frames
  • Chimneys
  • Cabins, ceilings, exterior and interior walls
  • Floor plates
  • Decoration elements
  • Foaming pipe profiles or segments
  • Stair elements
  • Structural components (for example, machine and system construction)


  • Weight savings 20 – 30 %
  • Lower draught
  • Vibration dampening (for example, drive structure)
  • Reduction of the production expenses (fewer individual components)
  • More load possible

Compound SAS and steel through MSG-process

Compound AI - AI through MSG process and Al-steel through explosion bonded welded profiles

Compound AAS – steel through explosion-bonded welded profiles