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Newsletter 03-2018

Award Winner Brandenburg Innovation Award Metal 2018

As part of the Cluster Conference on November 14, 2018, the three companies Havel metal foam GmbH, Sinfosy GmbH and the tom company were logically awarded the "Brandenburg Innovation Award" in the Metal Cluster. The three companies share the prize money of 10,000 euros in equal parts. For the fifth time, the Brandenburg Ministry of Economic Affairs organized the competition. The agency Medienlabor was responsible for the competition and the award ceremony for the second time.

"The metal industry is a figurehead of the Brandenburg economy - and one of its strongest pillars. 17 percent of all employees in the manufacturing industry in Brandenburg work in the metal industry. That's more than 38,000 people in 2,600 companies, ranging from metal production and technological processing to the finished product. The competition for the Innovation Award has once again demonstrated impressively how creative and innovative this industry is. Congratulations to the three companies that have made it to the podium, "said Hendrik Fischer, State Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, in the run-up to the conference. [Nbsp]

We are very proud of the price! Many thanks to the jury. :)

Take a look at our little movie:

Photo: Agentur Medienlabor / Benjamin Maltry
Video: Agency Media Lab

Noble & strong

Stainless steel does not just look good. Compared to others, this material offers some advantages. In addition to the high corrosion resistance, stainless steel is characterized by a high fire resistance. The outstanding properties of aluminum foam in metallic bond with stainless steel as cover layer allow the application in all industries. For example, pipes and profiles made of stainless steel can be foamed with aluminum foam. The thoroughly positive properties of the material are used by the Havel metal foam to develop the right solutions to meet your requirements.

Aluminum foam products as protection on motorways & construction sites

Guard rails are a good thing in themselves. In combination with the innovative aluminum foam damping elements of the Havel metal foam they are even more attractive. Between the guardrail and the fastening posts, the outstanding advantages of aluminum foam are really important. The inclusion of the crash energy leads to damage minimization on vehicles and saves repair costs on the guardrails.

The aluminum foam products of the Havel metal foam can be used as:

  • crash protection
  • privacy
  • noise protection
  • Fire and explosion protection

The following applications are possible:

  • Quick protection for safety-relevant applications
  • Screen in case of accidents
  • Mobile checkpoints
  • Noise protection at mobile construction sites
  • Fire and explosion protection on construction sites

Underride protection

In the future, the rear underrun protection, which is legally required for trucks and their trailers, should become even more secure. In order to better protect car occupants in rear-end collisions with trucks, Europe is defining new safety requirements.

The responsible body of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has been working for several years on new safety standards for the rear underrun protection of trucks. As a result, this body finally adopted the 03 series of amendments to UNECE Regulation No 58 for underrun guards.

An underrun protection for trucks now not only has to have different geometrical properties than before, but also withstand almost twice as strong testing forces in a strength test. By September 2021 at the latest, all vehicles placed on the market shall comply with the requirements of the 03 series of amendments to UNECE Regulation No 58.

In some cases, considerable modifications to the design of the vehicle manufacturers are possible. While there are hardly any changes for vehicles of categories M, N1 and O1 and O2 and furthermore only geometrical requirements have to be met, the requirements for heavy commercial vehicles (N2, N3, O3, O4) have been significantly tightened.

This development is very accommodated by the design-related advantages of our products. The foaming of corresponding profiles with metallurgical connection leads to an enormous increase of rigidity and strength as well as to higher energy absorption in the event of an impact. In existing underrun protection profiles our 3D foam parts can be inserted. As a result, they also meet the new requirements.

We are happy to discuss with you the possibilities for your requirements.

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