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Newsletter 05-2020

Protection and hygiene = aluminum foam-copper connection

Viruses, bacteria, germs - an invisible danger that has always been with us unnoticed.

The corona virus is currently causing people and the economy to sweat and sometimes even to a complete standstill.

The course of history repeatedly shows the destructive violence of pandemics.

But are we powerless against the spread of diseases? - NO!

US researchers have found amazing things. They sprayed SARS corona viruses on different surfaces and determined the virus concentration in different time periods until they were no longer detectable.

Terrifying: The evidence suggests that hospital equipment, of all things, could be a potential vector for viral infections.


Foamed Battery Elements

Copper and aluminum are therefore very hygienic, no question. But what makes the connection between aluminum foam and copper so special? Let's look at the properties in detail.


Pure copper:

  • very expensive
  • heavy
  • malleable
  • hygienic


Connection of aluminum foam and copper:

  • light
  • high mechanical resilience
  • ionizing effect
  • hygienic
  • recycable
  • can be manufactured according to customer drawings


The possible uses

We have put together a small extract of the many possibilities of the new and patented product for you.


Possible uses for aluminum foam copper connections:

  • Partitions as signpost systems & barrier
  • Handrails
  • Railing
  • Sanitary fittings
  • door handles


Areas of application for aluminum foam copper connections:

  • hospitals & rest home
  • bus, train and plain
  • retail trade
  • hotels
  • manufacturing facilities
  • exhibition fairs
Havel metal foam on fairs

Prevention is better than forbearance!

Read more about the unique and protective combination of aluminum foam and copper or let us advise you!

Call us or write to us! We are happy to be able to implement your projects individually and to minimize the spread of viruses.


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