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Newsletter 09-2019
Battery Box in an electric car

Battery box of the future

The use of lightweight components is becoming increasingly important for the production of vehicles. Future-oriented developments of electrically driven vehicles only achieve their efficiency goals through the consistent use of extremely lightweight materials such as aluminum. Aluminum foam combines many advantages, such as extreme lightness, ductility, recyclability and excellent absorption and conductivity, making it ideal for the automotive industry of the future.

Havel metal foam offers a product tailored to the customer. From drawing to serial production, we provide everything.

Foamed Battery Elements

In development & in deployment

A trend-setting development of the Havel metal foam   is the battery housing for electric vehicles. Low weight, good crash behavior, high rigidity and possibilities for temperature regulation predestine these newly developed vehicle components for use in electric vehicles.

The battery case of the Havel Lite® series is made entirely of aluminum foam sandwiches. Due to the versatile properties of the foam, the product is ideally suited for use as a sheathing of batteries in the automotive industry.


  • components can be foamed
  • foamed pipes and high thermal conductivity enable an efficient heating and cooling system
  • incombustible, meets fire protection standard (DIN EN 45545-2)
  • achieves fire resistance classes e.g. E30 (DIN EN 13501-2, DIN EN 1363-1)
  • waterproof
  • partitions between the battery cells act as spacers and crash absorbers
  • energy absorption and good crash behavior (tested with side crash test and bollard test)
  • absorption of vibrations, shocks and noises
  • simple mechanical processing possible (drilling, sawing, milling, welding)
  • repairable
  • different alloys possible
  • pure metallic bond
  • 100% recyclable
  • no toxic gases (DIN EN 45545-2)
  • good electromagnetic shielding


Be innovative! Find out more about the battery box

3D sandwiches reference products

3D sandwiches - Havel Lite®

According to customer requirements, various forms can be foamed three-dimensionally with aluminum foam. This gives you the benefits of metal foam sandwiches. The cover layers are brought into shape before foaming. They consist of steel, aluminum, copper or stainless steel.

Application areas & possibilities

  • curved elements
  • foaming of cooling tubes and cable ducts
  • doors for trains, subway and automotive
  • floor tiles
  • steps
  • cladding elements
  • all parts are made to customer specifications


  • three-dimensionally manufacturable
  • customized production of drawing parts up to series production
  • excellent damping properties with minimal added weight
  • improvement of crash values in motor vehicles
  • repairable and easily machinable
  • rigid and durable


Benefit from the latest materials. For more information visit

Havellux design elements

Open cell aluminum foam- Havellux®

Open cell aluminum foam is an eye-catcher. Futuristic looking, every work piece is unique. The material is easy to process and allows use in a variety of applications.

Havellux® sets visual accents. For example, aluminum foam can be used for lamps and other interior installations. As a wall and facade element, the product is an eye-catcher in architecture.

Advantages and applications

  • visual highlight
  • particularly light (0.5 g / cm3)
  • suitable for design and architecture (wall and facade elements and interior e.g. lamps)
  • not combustible (HL3 approval according to EN 45545)
  • 100% recyclable
  • easy to process
  • inhibits electromagnetic radiation
  • soundproofing


Learn more about the design elements of the future at

Havel metal foam on fairs

Past and pending fairs

In 2019 we were represented at the following fairs. We presented some of our innovative products for the industry.

  • CAR Symposium
  • Bus2Bus Berlin
  • IDEF Istanbul
  • IDET Brünn
  • Security Forum
  • Composites Europe

In October you will also find us at  the “Inter Airport Europe". We look forward to meeting you.


For more about our participation in fairs, events and awards please go to

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