Brandenburg Innovation Award Metal 2019

Award Ceremony Brandenburg Innovation Award Metal 2019

Innovation Award Metal 2019 for the "Battery Case of the Future"

The electric vehicle industry is becoming increasingly important today. There are a few hurdles to overcome. Among other things, they pose the question "How can the battery in the vehicle be protected thermally and at the same time in the event of an impact?"

We have the solution!

The Havel metal foam GmbH is the right partner for you with the battery case of the future and your innovative lightweight components.

Foamed tubes and the high thermal conductivity of the aluminum allow an efficient heating and cooling system.

A high energy absorption and good crash behavior, which was tested by bollard and side crash tests, also offer a very high level of protection.

"Does this product stand the chance of winning the Innovation Award?" We asked ourselves. That was to find out.We faced the five-member jury of the Innovation Prize for Metal and presented the battery case of the future - with success. For the second time, Managing Director Dennis Alsdorf proudly accepted the Innovation Award for Metal 2019.

Let the properties convince you and get in touch with us. We invite you to visit our modern production hall.


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Photo: Agentur Medienlabor /Adam Sevens

Video: Agentur Medienlabor