Innovation Award 2020

Start of the Brandenburg Innovation Award “Metal” 2020

It was a great honor for us, as the two-time winner of the Brandenburg Innovation Award “Metal”, to open our gates to the Brandenburg Minister of Economics, Jörg Steinbach, at the start of the Brandenburg Innovation Awards on January 20, 2020.

The Ministry of Economy, Labor and Energy will award the Brandenburg Innovation Award for the seventh time this year.

Brandenburger Innovation Award "Metal" 2018

In 2018, our innovative closed-cell aluminum foam convinced the jury with its excellent properties and thus many possible uses.

As our customer, you know the advantages of our closed-cell aluminum foam very well and obviously appreciate them very much. These advantages include the high bending-stiffness, the non-flammability, a good electromagnetic shielding and the recyclability.

Brandenburger Innovation Award "Metal" 2018

Brandenburger Innovation Award "Metal" 2019

In 2019 we went into detail. We sent our battery box for electric vehicles into the race.

Here we convinced the jury with the high thermal conductivity of the aluminum, which allows the integration of an efficient heating and cooling system as well as with the high energy absorption of the aluminum foam, which leads to good crash behavior as it has been demonstrated during bollard and side impact tests.

Brandenburger Innovation Award "Metal" 2019

Can we count ourselves among the winners this year too? We already know one thing - we will step up and do our best to once more win the award!

Read more about the opening event of the Brandenburg Innovation Awards 2020 and don't forget to watch our short film: